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The great thing about wrestling is that you don't need much gear! 


Wrestling Shoes

We strongly recommend investing in wrestling specific shoes (we don't allow street shoes on the mats).  Asics, Adidas, Nike and Rudis are top brands with a lot of selection. Reasonably priced youth options are available online and in the following stores in Reno: Dick's Sporting Goods, Big 5 and Scheels.

You can use promo code BLOOD20 for 20% discount at


Headgear protects a wrestler from cauliflower ear. While it is considered a badge of honor in wrestling circles, I highly don't recommend it for kiddos - maybe when they're ready to win their first HS state medal...


That said, headgear is optional for practice and mandatory for competitions.  We have ~ 12-15 headgear for loan.

Practice Clothes

Comfortable t-shirts, shorts or sweatpants/compression pants are all that is needed.  Make sure things are not too loose or baggy.  No jeans or other clothes with buttons/snaps/rivets for safety reasons.

Competition Uniforms (aka wrestling singlets)

Singlets are required for sanctioned competitions.  We have plenty for your wrestler's use for the season (if they are competing)

If you are looking to donate outgrown wrestling shoes or other gear, bring it to practice.

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